Pictures: Day 10

Day 10 / Sunday, September 6, 2009

Packing up with Hahns Peak in view, after waiting an hour in our tents for the morning rain to end.

Heading south to Steamboat Springs.

Riding into Steamboat, where we dried our gear before heading off on the trail.

I'd like to come and ski here someday, to taste some of their famous champagne powder snow... mmm...

Woot! All this pavement is killing my knobbies.

Nice dense foliage

Rain clouds up ahead. Riding around Lake Catamount.

Riding towards Lynx Pass through Routt National Forest. "Ok, all the green aspens get on the right side and the dead pines on the left side" :(

Putting on rain gear excepting to cross into rain up ahead.

It looked nice and clear up ahead but a black wall was closing in behind us and the deluge opened a few minutes later. This is the road leading to the deep water crossing, which we decided not to attempt in the heavy rain.

Taking a break after a hairy downhill rutted section in the rain, heading towards Radium. The sun breaking through after a passing storm.

The foot was doing better, but I was still strap-shifting to give it more time to heal.

Mike on his XR, heading down towards Radium.

Mike on his XR, heading down towards Radium.

Taking a break on the way to Radium.

A short bit of pavement in the middle of the mountain heading towards Kremmling.

Heading down into Kremmling and looking ahead towards Williams Fork Reservoir.

Dark rain clouds surrounding Ute Pass and could you believe, we didn't get wet.

At Ute Pass, looking ahead towards Silverthorne and Dillon.

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