Pictures: Day 15

Day 15 / Friday, September 11, 2009

From the Canadian border to the Mexican border along the Continental Divide of the USA. Done.

Crossing over into Mexico at Columbus / Las Palomas to make sure I could enter the country with no problems, as I didn't exit properly the last time in 2007.

My reward for having completed the ride - having some super tasty birria for lunch, which is stewed pulled goat meat soup. Mmm mmm good, my favorite dish from my first trip into Mexico.

What a nice array of condiments, just the kind of stuff I like to put on my food: cucumbers, avocado, cilantro, cabbage, salsa and hot sauce.

Heading over to cross back into the US at Juarez.

At an abandoned Pemex gas station, changing out my main jet on the carb for the low elevations that I would be in from here back home to Chicago.

Wrenching on the easily accessible DR and the access to the main jet on the flat slide carb is very convenient for quick changes.

Crossing the city of Jaurez at dusk, making my way to the border. Drug related violence has escalated in recent times and the strong gun-wielding military presence around the city is trying to curb that. Jaurez's economy is currently growing at a fast rate and has a bright future, if only they can get a handle on the cartels.

Ahhh, los Estados Unidos, mi casa durante diez anos.

The bridge crossing the Rio Grande connecting Jaurez to El Paso.

Being 1 of the 60,000 people crossing at this border daily and being a foreigner, there's always some hesitation when crossing into the US and I triple check to make sure all my papers are in order. I was surprised, they didn't even finger print or take my photo this time.

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