Pictures: Day 12

Day 12 / Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Waking up to a beautiful morning east of Cochetopa Pass.

Heading south towards Carnero Pass.

Riding through aspens in the morning is a nice feeling.

Heading south towards Carnero Pass.

Carnero Pass

Cutting through a rock pass east of Carnero Pass.

Heading towards La Garita for breakfast.

Breakfast at La Garita, a small convenience store with a restaurant and campground attached.

Biscuits and Gravy at La Garita. I was craving biscuits after seeing a cooking show in one of the motels. The potatoes were cut by the owner sitting at the next table with a bunch of regulars. Nice setting.

Tackling the hardest part of the route for me right after a heavy breakfast. This little trail heading to Del Norte started out with some fun undulating two-track and then merged with a black sand river bed, which wasn't fun and I banged my sprained foot against a rock. That's it, no more off-road for the rest of the trip. Need to make it back home.

Mike wiping some sweat off as even he admitted that was a tough section of fine sand.

South of Del Norte, Mike turned around to start heading back to Denver and I continued south towards Summitville.

Entering the Rio Grande National Forest.

No more aspen trees, but evergreens also make for some nice riding.

At Greyback Mountain.

Greyback Mountain

The highest I got to on this trip, 11,959 ft at Greyback Mountain, Indiana Pass.

Is that virga or real rain?

High altitude riding past Summitville.

Deciding to head back to US 160 and take pavement to Chama, NM.

Riding through a good hour or so of rain soaked mud roads heading down from Summitville on Pass Creek Rd.

Following Pass Creek to the highway.

Done with the wet mud and finally on pavement.

Muddy boots.

A thin coat of wet mud on everything

Riding in the rain through Wolf Creek Pass heading towards Pagosa Springs.

Crossing into New Mexico and riding through more rain heading to Chama.

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