Pictures: Day 7

Day 7 / Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looks a bit swollen, eh? Waking up to a throbbing left ankle. Figured best to get some medical attention at the clinic at Old Faithful.

Shifting up was proving very difficult and necessity being the mother of all invention, lead me to putting a luggage strap around the shifter and holding the other end in my mouth, clenched between my teeth, as my head was the only remaining leverable appendage attached to my torso. With both hands needed for a gear change; right for throttle, left for clutch, I quickly got the timing down on when to yank my head for a smooth gear change. Downshifting wasn't that much strain on the ankle.

Firehole Canyon heading towards Old Faithful.

Firehole Falls

First spotting of wild bison/buffalo. This is how close this guy was to the road.

Time to get rolling before he charges.

I had a doctor take a look at the ankle and he said nothing was broken and it was probably just a muscle bruise from the impact. Ace bandage and a couple prescription strength ibuprofen and I was on my way.

Crossing the divide south of Old Faithful, working my way around the park.

The expansive Yellowstone Lake, the largest freshwater lake above 7,000 ft in North America.

Capturing the stillness of the waters from the motion of the bike.

Bison enjoying being kings of the road. Dusk is definitely a good time to go for a drive around the park as wildlife are out in numbers.

Making their way across the road.

It wasn't safe yet to pass with them being so close to the road.

Heading down the bank.

Looking across the waters at family or maybe potential mates...

Coming around the corner and seeing huge numbers of bison in Hayden Valley.

Impressive to see so much wildlife in one view. Bison were hunted to near extinction towards the end of the 19th century and have been slowly reintroduced. Today's herd in Yellowstone of 3,500 descended from 23 surviving bison.

These guys were slowly working their way up the hillside towards the road.

The lush valley attracting all the resident bison.

Papa bison trying to lead his group across the busy moving metallic obstacles.

Just letting out some steam.

A male bison with his lighter brown summer coat and his darker winter coat emerging, weighing close to a ton (2,000 lbs).

Following the Yellowstone River north from the lake towards Yellowstone Falls.

Heading towards Yellowstone Falls and the canyon.

The Lower Yellowstone Falls, at a height of 308 ft, twice that of Niagara.

The park got its name from its exposed yellow stone in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, which is caused by the iron rusting in the rhyolite lava rock as it cooked under hydrothermal activity, instead of sulfur, which is typically thought to produce yellow colors.

The deep hues of iron ore visible deep in the canyon. The Yellowstone River is continually eroding the canyon, which can be up to 1,200 ft deep.

Info board.

Aptly named Inspiration Point...

Down river view of the canyon from Inspiration Point.

Up river view of Lower Yellowstone Falls from Inspiration Point.

Map of the park at the camp office looking south towards the Grand Tetons.

Dinner with music: smoked oysters with couscous, re-hydrated shitake mushrooms and miso soup, along with water from my Lifesaver filter.

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